About us

The company

The company’s main purpose is to introduce a new-generation cutting-edge flight academy. The theoretical training of future pilots will take full advantage of all the latest technological discoveries, such as a virtual platform for e-learning, an online database with over 2500 questions for the preparation of students and a personal tutor in order to guarantee a thorough, customized training. Practical training will be carried out on Guimbal Cabri G2, Airbus H120, Airbus H125 (owned by our partners).

Our Team

Mattia Santi


Manager / Pilot / Flight Instructor
  • CPL pilot and FI with about 1500h of flight
  • TR: Cabri G2, Colibri H120 and Ecureuil H125
  • Theoretical instructor for PPL and CPL licenses since 2018
  • Enabled for transport with barycentric hook (HESLO)
  • Employed as a cargo pilot at Heli-TV SA
  • 15 years of proven experience as a flight assistant specialized in cargo missions
  • Head of training for flight assistan and new pilots
  • Swiss Army Moderator
  • Hobby: Play drums & skiing
Eos Helicopter Academy Mattia Santi
Eos Helicopter Academy Adam Sacchet

Adam Sacchet


Pilot / Ground Instructor
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • CPL pilot with ATPL-IR 3 theory with 250h of active flight
  • TR: Cabri G2 and Colibri H120
  • Theoretical instructor for PPL and CPL licenses since 2013
  • Teacher in professional schools (CAM)
  • Hobby: Photography & graphics

Mattia Levorato


Pilot / Ground Instructor / FI FAA
  • CPL FAA and TCCA pilot with 1000h of flight
  • CPL and IR FAA instructor
  • TR: Robinson R22, R44, R66, Ecureuil and H125
  • Hobby: medieval fencing, photography
EOS Helicopter Mattia Levorato
Eos Helicopter Davide Giovanelli

Davide Giovanelli


Pilot / Ground Instructor
  • CPL-H / CPL-A pilot with 700h of flight
  • Glider pilot since 2010
  • Bachelor of Science of Aviation
  • Hobby: Sailing, Stand-up Paddle, Swimming
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