Pre-Entry Requirements For a CPL(H) Licence
The Commercial Pilot Licence for Helicopters, or CPL(H), is the professional licence which enables you to launch a career as a professional helicopter pilot and to fly for remuneration.

There are some pre-entry requirements
before you can commence training on the CPL-H course:

Your Age
You must be 18 years old or over
PPL-H Licence
You must already hold a current PPL-H licence.
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Flying time
You must have completed 155 hours flying time in helicopters, including 50 hours of pilot in command (i.e. Solo), with 10 of these being cross-country
Theoretical knowledge
You must have a current, valid pass in all the ATPL or CPL-H theoretical knowledge exams
Medical certificate
You must hold a EASA-FCL Class 1 medical certificate

Requirements to gain a CPL-H licence

The CPL-H course is to be considered full-time, and can usually be completed within 3-4 weeks. In order to qualify for the issue of a CPL-H, a candidate must complete the following:
Flight Training
A minimum of 30 hours dual instruction time. An additional 5 hours flight to obtain a night rating. Prior to final flight test with the CAA Examiner, you must pass a pre-flight test to determine your ability to succeed in the final skills test.
Skills Test
A skills test must be taken with a official flight examiner by FOCA

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