Conversion from FAA to EASA

Have passed EASA theoretical exams

EASA theoretical course, usually carried out as Distance Learning with a minimum of classroom hours to obtain a CPL or ATPL-H license

Medical Certificate

You must have an EASA-FCL class 1 or 2 medical certificate.

Shortened CPL-H program

Since the candidate has already demonstrated experience abroad in agreement with BAZL, he finds the right proportion of training suitable to complete the training and obtain the EASA license. Usually we are talking about about 15 hours of theory on Swiss / EASA law and about 10 hours of training flight.

Checklist Conversion CPL

It is important to go through this checklist point by point and be sure that all the bureaucratic preparation is carried out correctly

Skill test

You must take a skill test with a flight examiner to get EASA license.

Take the first step

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