Night VFR COurse 

Night flying training includes at least five hours’ flying time, as well as a compulsory night-flying theory course. The entire course must be completed within six months. Theory courses take place each autumn.

Course Options:

Full NIT Course - Minimum Requirements:
- Before to start, must have completed at least 100 flying hours after passing your PPL(H).
- 60 hours must correspond to pilot-in-command (PIC), including 20 hours of cross-country flying.
- Private pilots must undergo an additional 10 hours of instrument flying, of which five may take place in a simulator.

NIT Course from PPL to CPL- Minimum Requirements:
Night flying training may be combined with CPL training. The five flying hours prescribed do not however count as part of the thirty-hour CPL module, and must be carried out separately. The above mentioned minimum hours prior to training (100 hours after PPL; 60 hours as PIC) are not a requirement in this case.

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