Flight Instructor Course

This course is designed to train applicants to provide training on single-engine helicopters up to the PPL (H) level. Students are acquainted with the procedures and systems used in this activity.

The flight instruction course includes:

Theory course
- 25h of Teaching & Learning course.
 -100h of classroom.
Flight hours
30 hours of flight instruction, of which 25 h shall be dual flight instruction. The remaining 5h may be a mutual instruction (i.e. two applicants fly together to practice flight demonstrations.) or conducted on a certified simulator.

Minimum Requirements:

Pre-entry check-ride
The candidate must pass a pre-entry check ride to be admited.
Flight Esperience
Minimum 220h of total flight experience before starting FI course.
For candidates holding a PPL license
200h as Pilot-In-Command (PIC).

Note: If the FI training applicant holds only a PPL to start a modular course, he / she must meet the theoretical knowledge requirements for obtaining a CPL.
For candidates holding a CPL license
100h as Pilot-In-Command (PIC).
Medical Certificate
You must hold a EASA-FCL Class 1 medical certificate.
Skill Test
A skills test must be taken with a flight instructor examiner.

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