Swiss Mountain Rating MOU-H

The mountain rating is an add-on to an existing helicopter license and can be concluded with a minimum of 100h flight time and a minimum of 200 mountain landings. The challenging rating greatly enriches your flying skills and takes you to some of the most beautiful landing sites across the Swiss alps. The mountain rating can be flown with both our R22 piston engine, as well as the H125 B3e turbine helicopter. The duration of the mountain course lasts between 3 to 6 months.

The mountain training includes 2 phases and 200 landings:

10h of theoretical instruction.
1° Phase- R22
50 landings between 1100m and 2000m.
2° Phase - H125 B3e
150 landings in 20 different designated mountain landing sites, 10 of those sites need to be higher than 2’700m.
Skill Test
A skills test must be taken with a mountain flight examiner.

Minimum Requirements:

PPL or CPL License
100h of flight experience
The course has to be concluded with a minimum of 100h total flight time.
Medical Certificate
The candidate must hold a EASA-FCL Class 2 medical certificate.

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